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Elizabeth Borders

Elizabeth Borders
Director of Operations

Elizabeth Borders is the Director of Operations at Perennial Strategy Group. In that role, Ms. Borders oversees the firm's day-to-day operations, manages special projects, coordinates events hosted or sponsored by the firm, and provides full executive support to the Founder and CEO. She collaborates directly with the Perennial team on a variety of initiatives to help innovate and advance new processes, to help monitor operations and ensure efficiency, and to help implement the firm's outreach efforts and events successfully. Additionally, Ms. Borders assists the team and its clients with corporate communications, press releases, marketing, government relations, and research.

Prior to joining the Perennial Strategy Group team, Ms. Borders served as Staff Assistant, then Special Assistant and Scheduler, for a member of the United States Senate. In those roles, she served as a liaison between the community and the Senator, working with the Senator's Regional Directors, to plan and develop effective outreach strategies. Ms. Borders acted as an operations point person to ensure the smooth functioning of activities and processes for the Senator's daily matters. She also partnered with staff to develop and execute the Senator's official schedule by arranging meetings, briefings, and events with the Senator and legislative staff.

A native of Tampa, Florida, Ms. Borders is a University of South Florida alumna. Driven by her desire to engage in public policy discussions impacting community development and sustainability in the Tampa metropolitan area, she was selected to participate in the USF College of Arts and Sciences Community Initiative's competitive Legislative Internship Program. Through that program and under the direction and leadership of a Tampa City Councilmember, Ms. Borders gained invaluable insight into the duties and responsibilities of local government and social activism – an experience she deems integral to her role in fulfilling the mission of Perennial Strategy Group.

Ms. Borders enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring the DC area on jogs with her Italian Mastiff, being actively engaged in her church, and taking occasional respites from city life on weekend trips to the mountains or the coast.