Perennial’s communications professionals have managed government and public-affairs campaigns as well as national media initiatives surrounding some of the nation's most complex issues and problems.

To ensure their message is directed to the correct audience, our clients take advantage of a customized combination of communication services, including message development, social media utilization, initiative rollouts, and strategic events.  We specialize in leading external and internal client communications initiatives and providing analysis and comprehensive communication strategies for clients’ domestic and international legislative and regulatory agenda before U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch.

Our professionals produce briefing materials, testimony and talking points; prepare witnesses to testify on potential policy issues; and address private sector actions before U.S. Congress.  Whether it's through a media tour, publishing op-eds, promoting stories in the press, or creating a voice with influential social media personalities, Perennial’s staff of communications professionals is uniquely positioned to craft an organization's message and put it in front of the right audience.